Flying drones is awesome!

UAV’s, drones, quadcopters…..Whichever term you choose, here we are into flying drones for fun, getting outside, and giving it a go! You’ll be surprised at how fast you and your kids will master the art of flying your drone, seeing the world from a drone’s-eye view, and discovering the outdoors in a way that is fun for every member of the family!

Recent Drone Happenings

I bought a quadcopter for my nephew’s birthday. I almost didn’t give it to him, I really just wanted to fly it myself. It has a built-in camera, which adds to the cool-factor. It’s not easy to think of an awesome gift that kids don’t have yet, but with the drone I really got it right!Richard Vared
I have a few drones. They’re each a bit different. My new favorite is a micro-drone, because I can fly it inside and it does 360’s!Michael Berg, 13 years old