Drone with camera

You might think this is a straightforward question to answer, but it there isn’t really a concrete definition that everybody sticks to. There are many interpretations to the generic term “Drone”.

The prevalent opinion is that the technical term for drone is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or System (UAV/UAS).

Some argue that any robot that is remotely controlled is essentially a drone, even if it’s on land or under water.

Some say that drones must have auto-navigation programming utilizing GPS.

Any multi-copter is a drone, because there are no manned multicopters.

The FAA says that any air vehicle without a pilot is an Unmanned Aircraft System (otherwise known as a drone).

What we do know is that the popularity of drones is steadily increasing as they become less expensive and more accessible to the general public.

Drones combine the fields of robotics, aeronautics and electronics. There are thousands of hobbyists all around the world who build their own drones, and others who prefer to buy them ready for flight. On Best Drones for Kids we concentrate on ready-to-fly drones that don’t require complicated assembly.